Is Your Property Being Rezoned?

Council plans to rezone your property from

 R 2 (Low Density Residential)                          to E4 (Environmental Living) to exclude your property from the NSW Housing Code.

This cynical attempt to progress the re-zoning is currently being assessed by a Gateway application (quick process) to the NSW Planning with community consultation due to be conducted after the election.


This re-zoning is about environmental ideology and Council’s control over your property rights

Does the Mayor understand the financial implication to landowners?  why has she failed to properly explain it to them? We deserve more transparency and consultation on this important issue."

Quotes From Residents In The Zone


Certainty R2 Low Density Residential

The NSW housing code, R2 zoning provides quantifiable limits on heights and setbacks which will maintain private & community views and provide certainty over future developments. The limits allow for 2 story developments which in areas that rely on views will maintain existing views and vistas, they quantify floor space ratios and green space on every lot. If a resident wants to move outside the published limits then a formal DA application is required and Council will assess view , solar and landscaping along the same lines as the current system.

E4 (Environmental Living)

 If Council proceeds with the re-zoning , Council will have even more control over private property rights , instead of residents availing themselves of the private certification system, Council will require Development Applications for minor works like car-ports and minor alterations .

This rezoning is about Council controlling and deciding for itself what planning rules to apply. This will  lead to a need to hire more planning staff, and longer delays for approval. Council should not be using environmental ideology on what is most resident’s biggest asset.

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