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"Mosman deserves to be administered by a competent & dedicated team of professionals, with the requisite skill set to represent us - The Residents."

 Roy Bendall

"Mosman deserves to be administered by a transparent & dedicated team of local professionals, with the requisite skill set and drive to represent us - The Residents."

- Roy Bendall


We are

The Residents For Mosman team

In the current term of Council, we have seen:

  • a decline in services,

  • the abandonment of affordable child-care,

  • increased traffic,

  • parking shortages and

  • increased council rates and charges.

Local Government should be concentrating on the local issues and local service delivery.

The Residents For Mosman party is focused on making actual changes to better our community.

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Residents for Mosman

Tighter Upholding Of Environmental Protection

 Our team will concentrate on local solutions to protect the environment for our future by:

  • expanding our community gardens and nature strip initiatives

  • Free composting units for households

  • Micro-plastic sand sieves to stop micro-plastics entering into our waterways

  • Solar panels on Council's assets/buildings

  • Solar shading in our public carparks

Stopping Traffic Deadlock

 We have all witnessed the traffic deadlock that occurs during summer around our popular beaches and during the week in our shopping and residential areas. 

Our team will: 

  • Employ traffic controllers during peak times to stop the deadlock

  • Proactively close areas to prevent deadlock

  • Advertise on media and RMS signage to limit numbers

  • Devise a holistic solution and rethink traffic flows

  • Resetting of timings on traffic lights and backstreet rat-runs

Generating More Car Parking

 Our resident shoppers are suffering from an ability to park near our retail outlets and commercial strips. 

Our team will: 

  • Stop approving apartments and new retail premises in the commercial areas that have no parking space

  • Encourage any future development to provide public parking in commercial areas

  • Work with retail and business owners to provide off-street parking for their staff

Reinstate Affordable Day-Care (Bridging The Gap)

 During the term of the last Council, Mosman withdrew from providing affordable day care and closed its facilities, leaving our most financially vulnerable with no where to go but to expensive, private day-care. 

Our team will:

  • Re-introduce Council-run intermittent, emergency and short term occasional care

  • Work with our senior sector in community partnership to assist with day care

  • Use empty Council assets to provide occasional care to allow our single mothers a break for respite, doctor appointments, shopping or to attend job interviews 

Red Carpet Not Red Tape

Our team will concentrate on providing red carpet service and not letting red tape affect our services by: 

  • Improving ranger availability and council service

  • Including more frontline staff to deal with ratepayers

  • Quicker turnaround times for DA's and permit applications

  • Council calling people back and keeping them informed

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We value

  • Social, sporting and economic infrastructure in our community

  • Community Connectedness

  • The Natural Built & Environment

  • Inclusion

  • Financial Stewardship


This cynical attempt to progress the re-zoning is currently being assessed by a Gateway application to the NSW Planning with community consultation due to be conducted after the election. ​

Residents comment:

  • "Does the Mayor understand the financial implication to landowners? Why has she failed to properly explain it to them? We deserve more transparency and consultation on this important issue." Georgina Paytner (Upper Spit Road). 

  • "I propose the Mayor and Serving Mosman team have the restrictive E4 zone placed on their property and see what happens at the voting table." (Jacqui Willoughby). 

  • "This proposal is more about environmental activism than zoning. It's easy to ask others to pay for your brand of politics." Nick Barnes (Mandolong Road).

Defend & Enhance Mosman's Local Environment

Our team aims to protect the existing local environment while also enhancing it by: ​

  • Enhancing protection of parks, bushlands and community spaces, further development of community gardens

  • Plant appropriate trees that don't take away views but enhance street scape and shading

  • Protect ecological corridors for our local fauna and flora

  • Embrace the State Government street activation and liveability plan

  • Collaborate with local sporting groups to engage children in local plantings on National Tree Planting Day.

  • Promote environmental engagement with our youth for intergenerational stewardship of Mosman's bushland. 

Cut Waste Not Services

Our team aims to cut waste without compromising on the delivery of services:

  • Full financial audit to ensure ratepayer value for money.

  • Your council has assets of $500 million, this is your money. I encourage you to vote for a team that will put your interests first when making decisions on what services and facilities are provided, and where your money is invested and spent.The best defence against State inference is a strong balance sheet.

  • Embrace the circular economy to re-use and recycle rather than dumping in landfill.

Enhancing Sporting Facilities

Our team aims to enhance our sporting facilities, bringing them in line with community's expectations by:

  • Elevate female facilities on council's asset renewal program fast track to better respond to female sporting engagement

  • Greater funding to enhance the sporting experience, especially for the women's change rooms

  • Upgrading and introducing environmentally-friendly non spill lighting in our sporting oval

Toilets and Change Facilities In Our Children's Parks

We believe:

  • Mum's, toddlers and young families need appropriate toilet facilities in our popular children's parks.

  • Parks are increasingly important outdoor spaces for the role they play in the next generation's technology free play. 

  • It is imperative to elevate our park experience as these will become increasingly important outdoor spaces for next generation families.

We value taking action on your behalf.

We value taking action, and not allowing red tape to effect the services we, as a Council, will provide to our residents. We value keeping our residents informed and ensuring they have the utmost in council services.



The Residents For Mosman Team


Roy Bendall

Mayoral Candidate - Roy Bendall

Longstanding Mosman resident, Deputy Mayor of Mosman for 4 terms, Company Director & lawyer - and husband and father.


Jacqui Willoughby

Councillor – Jacqui Willoughby

Former registered nurse, active in community services,  Company Director Life member & ex-president Mosman Netball Club Inc



Georgina Brown

Former Head of Diversity at a leading law firm after 10 years practising law. Left employment to spend more time with her family and raising her 2 young daughters.


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